Write for us

Thank you for considering writing for The Septum.

The Septum is a unique platform that welcomes contributors from all backgrounds and experience levels to write and showcase their work. We believe in providing a space for powerful and thought-provoking storytelling and want to help build a community of passionate and creative contributors.

At The Septum, we want to give voices to stories that share perspectives that are often unheard and overlooked. We aim to create a platform for meaningful dialogue, to broaden our understanding of the world, and to remain open to diverse and innovative ideas from our contributors.

What we're looking for

We welcome submissions from all contributors, but encourage submitting pieces that delve into your own experiences and explore creative analyses of common topics. We accept all types of writing, from fiction and non-fiction to opinion pieces, thoughtful reviews and personal essays. The topics are unlimited and reflect the diversity of the world we live inβ€” from the sciences, politics, entertainment, sports, art and more.

What we publish

  • Fiction and non-fiction: You may submit a rough draft or pitch (a summary of what your story is about, who it is intended for β€” the audience, and why it matters).

    β€” Hindsight and the Many Nights of Resurrection

  • Poetry: You may send up to five poems per submission. Poems not written in English can be sent in (alongside their English translation).

    β€” Aloha

  • Open submissions: We are open to discussions about anything else we see fit for publication, so feel free to email us your ideas.

Keep in mind...

that we only accept original content and do not consider anything that has been published elsewhere (including personal blogs).

How to submit

Email us your submission as Google documents so that we can collaborate easily and provide timely feedback.

What happens when my submission is accepted?

Once your submission is accepted, it is carefully edited and proofread to provide our readers with high-quality content. We take pride in helping our contributors showcase their work and making sure their stories are formatted and polished in a way that conveys the intended message and intrigue.

Final notes

At The Septum, our mission is to be an inclusive platform for powerful and thought-provoking stories written by passionate writers. We want to establish a network of diverse contributors who can write with confidence in their unique voices. As a contributor at The Septum, you will be part of this global community and have a chance to reach a global audience.

We believe writing should be a collaborative act and a meaningful exchange from both the writer and the readers. Writing for us will create an opportunity for you to share your story with others as well as contribute to a global discussion about the topics that matter most to you.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and helping you bring your stories to life.

PS: If you enjoy writing it, your audience should enjoy reading it.